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Here is what they say, as well as some additional tips to help you get your sex life on track! Age was not necessarily a deterrent to sexual frequency. Thirteen Even if men and women do have sex more frequently, it doesn't mean they are happier. Blame the political landscape, shoddy birth control access, limitless free porn on the internet, or the gig economy for the decline in the millennial libido—who can say for sure?

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February 25, Australians report having sex once or twice a week, on average. Some people may incorrectly report their sexual frequency, either by mistake. Do it less frequently?

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. The truth about how much sex you should be having for your age. Check out your member benefits.

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Are you asking yourself how much sex you really should be having in your marriage? Do you wonder how much sex is enough? Might there be a magic number?

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As a sexual addiction and intimacy disorders specialist, I am often asked about the frequency of sex. Recent GSS surveys support this assertion, showing that couples in their 20s have sex times per year on average, with frequency dropping.

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More than people over 50 have already revealed what happens in their sex life and relationships — both as singles and older couples.

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For what it's worth, a third study broke down sexual frequency by age. People under 30 have sex times a year on average (over twice a.

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Stop chasing the mythical sex quota! are doing it about once a week anyway; the average married couple has sex 51 times a year. predictors of being “ intensely” in love with your long-term partner than sexual frequency.

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