All You Need To Know About Slab Leak And Repair

A house that has a cement foundation has water pipes underneath that take water in and out of the house. It would be hard for you to notice when there is a slab leak since the pipes underneath are invisible causing serious damages. The slab leak can result to problematic damages to your foundation. Mostly the leaks are noticed when the damage is already done.

It can be difficult to repair the slab leaks since they are between the cemented foundations. You cannot detect the leakages early enough since the pipes are unseen. It is vital for you to hire the services of a plumber to detect the exact location of the leakage. Minor leaks can be repaired without the services of an expert while there are those that need their services. One of the tips of detecting a slab leak is when you get an increase in your bills.

The another tip for slab leak detection is if you have problems with your water pressure. If you have less water pressure, then you might be having a slab leak. Cracked pipes reduce water pressure of the entire house and the more the crack expands, the more water you lose to the foundation. When you start noticing puddles on the floor, then you can be sure there is a serious problem. Water coming out through the foundation is a clear indicator that the house is in great danger. The reason why you need the services of an expert is to prevent your house from getting cracks on the walls.

The plumber can propose copper re-piping where they remove the old plumbing pipes are replaced them with new ones. Off late, most people are using the copper pipes for water home use due to their corroding tolerance. When you notice color changes like getting brown water from your taps, then you need to re-pipe your house. Take your time when looking for a specialist to hire for the slab job. One of the determining factor of a good plumber is the one with vast experience in re-piping. A plumber must have at least six years of experience to repair a slab leak.

To be successful consider someone who is knowledgeable about slab leaks repair so that they can work efficiently without delays. Check if they are licensed and if they have insurance cover that protects their safety. Ensure their license, and their insurance cover is current. Make an agreement on the amount of money to give before they start working. Most of the re-pipe specialist will explain to you the causes of the slab leaks. The causes for the slab leaks involves high water pressure, burst pipes, rust, craftsmanship are some of the reasons why the slabs have leaks.

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